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Conifer Lake, near Allerthorpe has been one of East Yorkshire’s fishing secrets for decades!

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If there are any fishing clubs out there that have weekday matches and are lookin for new waters to try we will be opening conifer lake next year as from 1st January 2018 . We have 2 lakes one with lots of silver's and carp this has 25 pegs , the small lake has lots of silver's and lots of carp from 8oz up to 10lb this has 12 pegs , .if you are interested please phone me on 07766821836
Thanks graham .

You can now come to Conifer Lake and bring your Wife,Girlfriend without them complaining that they have to hold it in all day.but if they go missing Our toilets are so posh that they may stay in there longer than they should,see photo below
The road down to the camp site with our guard dogs George and Skye
The lake is well stocked with a variety of coarse fish,including Carp,Bream, Roach,Rudd,Perch,Chubb,Tench and Specimen Eels,
photos of Professor David Bellamy on his visit to conifer lake on friday 18th June 2010 to have a look around and open our new lodge can i thank him for taking the time to come to conifer lake and making it a great day for everyone there , below are some photos of the day .
This is an e mail from David Bellamy, Dear Allison and Graham I just had to write and say WOW!
It was great visiting Conifer Lake and meeting your family and team. It is a dream of a site and all your hard work well laced with vision is doing Trojan work rediscovering this Victorian hidden holiday Water Garden of Eden.A perfect complex of waterscapes and sylvan strolling grounds, ready to welcome visiting campers and caravanners to a well-earned stop over or short holiday. Two sumptuous lodges offer longer holidays that come with good fishing tempting beginners and experts a like. I must come back when the work is complete to see it in all its glory. A Perfect Park. David Bellamy

 its only a 15 minute country walk from conifer lake and serves some
of the best food and drink

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